HyWEC 2 conference


Invited by Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (CNRS joint research unit – University of Bordeaux – Bordeaux INP), Seaturns gave a speech on june 20, 2019 during the scientific conference HyWEC 2 – The Hydrodynamics of Wave Energy Converters (https://hywec2.sciencesconf.org/). This event brought together dozens of European researchers specialised in the modeling, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of wave energy converters and more generally the interaction between waves and structures.

Seaturns presented the main technical and scientific challenges facing the start-up in the development of its innovative wave energy recovery system.


World Impact Summit 2019


The Bordeaux start-up Seaturns held a stand at the World Impact Summit 2019, the international summit of solutions for the planet that took place from 23 to 25 May 2019 in Bordeaux. This event brought together 2,500 professionals, 200 exhibitors and 40 speakers on the subject of major environmental issues.

Seaturns presented its innovative system for producing electricity or freshwater from wave energy. Through its activity, Seaturns wants to make a contribution to the resolution of several problems:

  • Integrate renewable energy, and particularly wave energy, into the energy mix to meet the growing demand while diversifying the modes of production;
  • Develop a low-carbon, non-polluting, robust and competitive energy production solution from a considerable resource available near the coast, close to densely populated areas.

On the occasion of this international event, Vincent TOURNERIE, president of the company, participated on May 24 in the show “La France bouge”, animated live by Raphaëlle DUCHEMIN on Europe 1.

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